“Bunty Tera sabun slow hai Kya?”.

Do you remember this ad?

The very popular advertisement of lifebuoy hand wash and the very known traditional marketing method of that time. (Television Ads)

And what about the pop ups like “Rummy Culture, kheloge toh khelte reh jaaoge”.

Have you heard it somewhere? Have you watched it somewhere?

Lifebuoy Hand wash & Rummy Culture

I guess, you must have either during some YouTube ads or hotstar ads or Netflix ads or any other type of ads. And it’s a very used digital marketing method of the current time to target the prospective audience. (DRM)

With these two examples that I have mentioned above, we can clearly see that, Marketing is constantly evolving”.

Earlier it was all started with television, radio, direct mail, print, Billboard, etc. to gather the prospective customers, but now marketing has been evolved to using tools like Google search, Geofencing, Facebook ads, or say any other type of social media ads to get the interest of the prospective audience.

It is usually said that after the advent of internet, digital marketing has become the golden standard.

But why?

Because most of the world’s population now dependent on internet and smartphones?

Does that mean traditional way of marketing is dead?

Does that mean marketing fundamentals have been changed?

Does that mean the ultimate goal of marketing has been lost?

Of course NOT guys!

Let me tell you one thing that many people who have access to internet they use it to find the local businesses, they use it to find shops for online products and people are likely to purchase a particular product or service after having a face-to-face experience with brand. This alone proves that ‘old-school‘ or say Traditional marketing method is still effective.

Of course, the methods of marketing may have changed over the years but the goal remains the same and so will the fundamental truths.

In this article, I am going to share my thoughts regarding what happen when traditional marketing is paired with high performance digital marketing methods and also this in-depth article will take you through the following concepts:

  1. Fundamental truths of Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing
  3. CATT Marketing Funnel
  4. Integrated Digital Marketing
  5. Personal branding: Masstrust Blueprint

So Enjoy reading it ’cause

“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible


Let’s start with my thoughts and my research.

I believe that Digital revolution in marketing has greatly enhance marketers ability to reach, engage, and convert their ideal target audiences. But not to forget that Traditional marketing tactics or methods like direct mail, networking,and cold calling are still vital for building a memorable and ultimately profitable brand. Building an effective marketing strategy means reaping the best of both worlds by seamlessly integrating new methods with the traditional ones.

As we all know that how much both Traditional marketing and Digital marketing is important for the sustainability of an individuals’ business. In today’s digital era, we can combine both of these efforts to create a versatile and more diverse marketing strategy.

So, here I am discussing two of the ways by which we can incorporate Digital Marketing with Traditional Marketing campaigns. And I want my readers to comment their ideas below the article regarding combining of some Digital Marketing methods with Traditional Marketing methods.

1. Combine Magazines & Digital Ads:

Print is not dead. People are still reading magazines. People rely on magazines to obtain a clear point of view on business, antiques, traveling, etc. Businesses that partner with magazines can receive the trust of its readership, which is a great thing if someone wants to build their brand via word-of-mouth. If they are considering purchasing a magazine ad, they should make sure to inquire that ad can be promoted on the publication’s website and social media channels.

2. Pair Billboards with Geo-targeted Ads:

Billboard ads can successfully reach 90% of the entire population. For a very long time, expensive price tags discouraged smaller businesses from purchasing billboard ads, but digital billboard ads are now available, and they’re much more affordable. To get an enormous return from your investment, pair your digital billboards with geo-targeted ads. This will send a banner ad to a passing driver for a stronger marketing effect.

Now further, I would like to discuss with you some important marketing concepts:

1. Fundamental truths of Marketing

The ultimate drive of marketing has always been to make people aware of a service or a product, and influence them to use that service or buy the product. That’s it.

The fundamental truths of marketing never seems to change no matter how much the landscape of marketing does and no matter what the future may bring.

Let’s start with EmotionsEmotions Influence Purchasing Behavior of an individuals. Emotional responses and how we “feel” about things almost always wins out over logic when it comes to decision-making. This is why emotion is so important to consider when it comes to marketing.

Next principle that I cake across and learnt about is that People Responds to Visuals. Ever heard the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words? 

The human brain takes in and processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Not only that, but 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.

That means most of the information our brains are working through at any given time is visual and visual information is more readily processed than text.

2. Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing

What I got to learn about these two concept is that Traditional Marketing can be defined as an offline series of promotions that are designed to provide consumers with a face-to-face experience of a brand. For instance we can say that Television ads, Billboard Ads, flyer and magazines, newspapers etc. Whereas Digital Marketing is promoted through a digital medium commonly the Internet and because of which Digital marketing has become a Golden statement for modern-day businesses. For instance we can take the example of Paid search, Social media marketing, Content marketing etc. Even there are lots of benefits taking a business online.

And we should not consider these two methods separately, as I earlier mentioned that in today’s digital world, if we compare these 2 methods, we’ll be able to create a versatile and a more diverse marketing strategy to reach the prospective audience.

Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing

3. CATT Marketing Funnel

What I got to know about CATT Funnel is that there’s a superb formula to it.


n denotes the niche we choose to work on. And choosing a niche requires the combination of Talent + Market + Passion. It’s all about these three.

C denotes Content. Content should be very creative, simple, to the point and understandable so that it can reach to perfect audience and attract people to it.

A denotes Attention. It says that there should be a proper way to drive the attention of the prospective audience

T denotes Trust. Build trust with your audience. Trusting a brand means you associate with the product and/or service. The days of just advertising the products, business or services are over. Consumers don’t just want to see the ads or marketing tactics anymore, they want to be part of an experience. 

Next T denotes Transaction. It says that convert your leads into your prospective customers by Natural sales method.


4. Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing is all about integrating few or more than a few digital marketing strategy together to reach the prospective audiences.

Let’s understand this with examples,

Try to recall when was the last time you purchase a product or a service. Did you waited for a particular commercial to popup on television?

And and and, if you ever face is problem at work and needed to learn social media or digital marketing. Do you call up a friend for a recommendation?

The answer is NOPE.

You probably did what most people do nowadays. You went online and did your own research.

When customers like you and me search online,they will see the website that are the most optimised for search also known as SEO friendly websites.

Ok now imagine that you have made your own business website SEO friendly and you run some weekly Social Media ads that give your website lots of traffic and on that website you give away some free content that pops off before your user exits the website.to get that free content they will enter their emails and they will automatically receive the content in their emails.

This will capture the email needs and would allow you to follow up and get back to them with more great content using Email Marketing.

This is what we mean by Integrated Digital Marketing, we integrated three digital marketing methods here namely SEO, Social Media ads, and Email Marketing.

Integrated Digital Marketing

5. Personal Branding: MassTrust Blueprint

Personal Branding is all about doing your best, giving your best.

It becomes and influencer and brand ambassador for the companies that an individual runs. Earlier brands used to be only for businesses and now employees are expected to uphold and support the principles of the brand. Take the example of Elon musk, he has bigger following than Tesla & Space X

No. 1 goal of the marketer is to build trust and this is in scarce in current market situation. So it’s time to create a master rest that’s what Digitaldeepak.com says.

“Build a brand and capture a position in the minds of the customer and never let marketing become more important than the product.”

Digital Deepak

Additional concept:

Few tips to stay with good Marketing Communication:

1. Be a Good communicator. Good communicator is equivalent to the Good marketer. If you communicate well, the product will sell itself. We can take the example of Digital Deepak Internship Program.

2. Don’t forget about the Traditional methods of marketing. Don’t get swept up in the digital trends and forget about the tried and true methods of public relations. News releases, media relations and community involvement are just as important as it’s ever been.

3. Involve in Email Marketing. Another way to stay top of mind with your customers, employees, franchisees, board members, etc. is to create a branded newsletter with relevant information for each audience. Not only is this a great form of communication, but email marketing programs like MailChimp and Constant Contact also include measurement tools.

4. Use the right channel of communication. The unfortunate truth is that we often don’t consider which tools we should use to communicate. It’s crucial to think about what tools can help us reach our audience when they are ready for our message, looking for the benefits we offer and in a position to act.


At the end I want to conclude it by mentioning that “With every new making advancement comes brand new ways to reach the public that were previously unthinkable”. But that doesn’t that we should take Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing separately, we can successfully formulate a combined marketing strategy that will reach all of the target audience. All we have to do is” Think creatively and work for it”.

Digital marketing channels can generate brand awareness and promote financial education to younger, hard-to-reach consumers. Banks and credit unions can also use digital marketing campaigns to enter new markets, generate awareness and support corporate culture messaging.